Menu / Branding

Both custom icons and branding was developed for ‘Dinny’s Diner’. A minimalistic design was chosen along with a consistent colour scheme. 5 colours were chosen to represent each of the foods whilst also communicating a playfulness of the restaurant.

dinny diner mockup

Dinny’s Diner branding has been developed to represent and a more playful side to food, especially American diner style. This concept for the brand utilises playful colourful imagery to effectively communicate a mood and experience through simplistic shapes, contrasted with a typical classic font. The modular layout with vivid blocks of colour use clean shapes and simplified iconography which is popular for a reason. It not only evokes playfulness but effectively communicates the type of food whilst being to the point. The colour scheme remains consistent throughout to help costumers again resonate these 5 colours with the branding. Whilst not being too bright and over the top the colour palette provides more of a sophisticated appeal.

dinnys diner tote bag mockupdinnys diner coaster mockup

burger iconpizza iconpancake icondonut iconicecream icon


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