Website / Branding

Research, ideate, create, design and implement. Local Byron Bay luxury accommodation rebranding and marketing campaign 2017. Working with the clients to establish goals, dominate competitors and align their company with brand elements that effectively communicate their digital message.

It all started with the Rebrand. We then moved onto the website renovation and update. We’re not finished yet but the site is coming along nicely. We just need quality photography of the houses. What followed was adjusting the websites SEO throughout each of its pages and optimising the publishing of the bi-monthly blogs. Google Analytics has also been implemented now to track, analyse and strategize tactics for future developments for BBBH. Initially, we needed to work out why the bounce rates were so high – what type of information are my users looking for straight off the bat? It’s all currently a work in progress.


The running of BBBH Instagram was strategically geared towards establishing an aesthetic and representation of Byron whilst our brand (and physical houses!) were under renovation. We used the house and brand revamp to our advantage. Due to my experience, we were able to quickly remain social with our online consumer base.

BBBH iphone mokcup.png

The website required a large reduction in the amount of copy on pages this is where utilising icons worked to our advantage. Simplistic icons were also utilised throughout the website to communicate house information in an effective manner. The approach to the website was focused around simplifying the booking process and the communication of the facilities and location the each of the houses have.



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