Web Design UX / UI

Using a simple piece of code I was able to code a website that randomly generated memes from a catered library. The Millennial demographic is typically interested in new and innovative ways in which they consume their media and are typically found within the early adopters, which means they are more susceptible to new products and trying them out. This platform provides users with the ability to see and create memes like never before. The purpose of this site is to entertain, whilst providing a product result, and to extend onto popular social media platforms. Meme Me allows users to engage in a whole level of memeiness and provide a platform with unlimited meme creations.

Essentially a simplistic, clean design was utilised for optimal effect. A monochromatic colour scheme achieved the most effective result, pops of colour being used to draw attention to key areas of use. Branding, design, layout and structure remained consistent across all pages that are created. The navigation bar utilised hover effects, with high contrast colour palettes for legibility purposes. A stacked approach with the elastic design was created to accommodate for desktop, tablet and mobile. The site should remain void of advertisement placements as this reduces the trustworthiness or quality of the brand or site. Load time across all devices was taken into consideration with the sizing of the images used. Overall the design process remained simple and the user should be entertained and enjoy the end result being able to easily save or share through social media platforms.

A full process document was created along with this website and can be viewed here

meme me mokcup maciphone meme me mockupmeme me mockup mac


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