Website Design

During my time at SleepGP, I was placed in charge of the design and development of the companies website, social media, advertising, print collateral and content creation. As the Media Director of the small startup, I worked closely with the rest of the team to establish goals, report regularly and consistently produce quality work.

More specifically the focus of this website had to cater to a variety of key users. The GP’s themselves, patients and clinics. This meant we were dealing with a demographic of elderly to middle age. The interface had to be simple, intuitive and easy to navigate through each section. The design also had to reflect an image that

Along with the website and social media, I was also in charge of designing and developing the content for SleepGP’s conferences. The design focus of these documents was to inform and educate the readers understanding of the company, processes, equipment and financial information.

Sleep gp mac mockup.png


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